Following the tradition of Nishi-Nippon Railroad Company, Ltd. on the Solaria Hotel chains, providing a stylish and elegant space and time in the city, Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Taipei Ximen is schedule to open in 2023 at the passion center of youngsters in Taipei, the Ximending.

As one of the most crowded tourist spot in Taipei city, Ximending has always be the center of culture and fashion of the young generations in Taipei, you can find the movie theaters, café, fashion boutiques and shops with character goods or accessories around every corner. With also famous shops that never get overwhelm by the flood of time and tourist spots, Ximending has always hold the reputation of a tourist spot must go for tourist from all over the world.

Standing within these endless energies, Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Taipei Ximen prepares numerous room types holding either double, twin or triple beds to match the needs of guests with different needs. Presenting a modern Taiwanese style interior, we will provide you a quiet and comfy stay even in the middle of these overwhelming energy.

*Upon the request of the Office of the President of Taiwan, some of the rooms have windows designed unable to have a clear view towards the office located to the southeast, views toward other angles could be viewed normally. 

*The entrance door on the first floor will be locked automatically after midnight, should the guest arrive after midnight will need to contact the staff using the interphone beside the door.

As a part of Environmental protection, the guest rooms will be cleaned once every two days.
①On days not scheduled to be cleaned, if room cleaning is desired, please press the "Please Clean Up" button next to your door before 13:00.
②On days scheduled to be cleaned, please press the "Please Clean Up" button next to your door before 17:00.
*Cleaning usually takes around 1 hour, and will be complete before 17:00.
*If the sign "Do not disturb(請勿打擾)" is activated, the room attendant will not enter the guest room. The daily cleaning service will not be provided.